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Mission alert! We have a lady in the east end suffering from leukemia that needs our help avoiding eviction.  She lives alone, is homebound, and has a fixed income.  Let’s show her some much needed love and get her back on stable ground!


  1. Mission 10

    Her landlords are decent people, but they are also stuck in a position where they cannot afford to absorb the overdue rent. They are waiving her late fees and want her to remain there as a tenant. Being on a fixed income, she will never be able to make up the difference on her own.

  2. Mission 10

    Her leukemia has been in remission for the past six months. Where her outlook was initially bleak, there is now strong hope of recovery. Please pray for her!

  3. Today was hard. I met our recipient for the first time today. When I pulled up in front of the house, she was waiting for me in the front yard. She wasn’t as old as I expected and looked as if she was in moderately decent health. However, as I got closer, I realized that she had wounds on her hands, arms, and ears. Her mouth seemed a little swollen, and she had difficulty speaking clearly. She said some of her teeth were falling out. She apologized for her appearance and said she had stopped looking in mirrors. Occasionally she would just hunch over as if she were fighting nausea. Evidently her immune system has been severely compromised by her leukemia treatments. She was bitten last week by a neighborhood dog, which resulted in infection. She was given antibiotics that are creating additional side effects. We talked a little, and I got to just put an arm around her and pray for her. She is struggling greatly with feelings of hopelessness and loneliness. While I am very happy that we are getting her straight with her housing needs, she needs our love and prayers more than the check we will be submitting on her behalf. Our mission is to love people, to share hope, to minister to them. We were not put on this earth to serve ourselves. I wept multiple times on the drive back across town. Pray for her. Her first name is Barbara.

  4. #TeamBolton

    Wow…my heart is heavy reading this. I will definitely be in prayer for Barbara. I understand the severity of a suppressed immune system and the implications of infection. So let’s specifically pray that her body responds favorably to the treatment and this infection doesn’t take her down and ultimately pray for her state of mind and the isolation she feels. Thank you Dennis for all you do and for the love and compassion you were able to give Barbara today. I’m certain that probably made her smile just as much as receiving the financial blessing. God honors our service but most importantly the love we share and extend to others. God Bless You and Barbara.

  5. Mission 10

    Nearly funded, we can still say “Mission Accomplished”! We delivered the check to the landlord today, and Barbara’s housing crisis is over. Thank you so much for helping her. She was crying for joy on the phone a moment ago when we gave her the good news!

  6. Mission 10

    We are thrilled to report that this is no longer a “Mission in Progress”! The final donation needed for funding was received this morning. Please continue to pray for Barbara as she battles to regain her health!

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